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ACED announces a strategic partnership with INSEED to enhance quality, access, and use of evidence-based data in Togo

4 July 2024

Lomé, Togo - June 28, 2024 - The African Center for Equitable Development (ACED) today announces the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with the National Institute of Statistics and Economic and Demographic Studies (INSEED) aimed at strengthening the system of production, quality control, sharing, and use of data in Togo.

This partnership will cover key areas of sustainable development, such as food systems, the environment, digital economy, and human development in Togo. The two organizations will work closely to:

  1. Jointly implement initiatives to improve the ecosystem of data production and use, specifically in the aforementioned sectors;
  2. Facilitate access for users (policy makers and practitioners) in Togo to data produced and services offered by INSEED;
  3. Contribute to co-learning and sharing on data production, mobilization, sharing, and use;
  4. Mobilize resources (human, technical, and financial) for the joint implementation of initiatives for the production, mobilization, sharing, and use of evidence-based data in Togo;
  5. Facilitate capacity building of the national statistical system staff, specifically INSEED personnel, on subjects or skills as per their request.

"This strategic partnership with INSEED marks a major step towards a culture of systematic use of data in decision-making in West Africa," said Dr. Fréjus THOTO, Executive Director of ACED. "It will allow us to combine our efforts and expertise to promote evidence-based decision-making in key areas of sustainable development in Togo."

The Secretary General of INSEED, Mr. Tchiou ANIMAOU, for his part, welcomed the South-South dimension of this partnership. He emphasized the importance of seeing local institutions, with their expertise, researchers, and stakeholders, increasingly positioning themselves in accompanying and providing technical support for the development of the sub-region.

About ACED

The African Center for Equitable Development (ACED) is a research and action center that promotes equitable development in Africa (particularly Francophone Africa) through the promotion of evidence production and use, support for development policies, and implementation of actions for communities.

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INSEED ensures a mission of technical coordination and harmonization of practices of the National Statistical System. It is also responsible for carrying out activities of production and dissemination of statistical data for the needs of the Government, public administrations, the private sector, development partners, and the public.

National Institute of Statistics and Economic and Demographic Studies (INSEED)