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Our impact

Our impact is reflected in impactful policies, empowered communities and sustainable, inclusive and resilient growth.

At ACED, we measure our impact by the tangible changes we witness at the community level. Our work cycle concludes not with (policy) recommendations but with actions that make a real difference to the lives of individuals.

We’re committed to both supporting policy development with evidence and being on the ground, applying and learning from the implementation of our recommendations.

For example, while we assist policy makers in understanding employment dynamics, we simultaneously initiate programs that create job opportunities for young people. This dual approach allows us to reflect on and incorporate practical learnings into our strategies.

Our overarching Theory of Change—aligned with our Strategy 2030—guides our actions toward a vision of equitable, inclusive, and sustainable development. Through a blend of expertise, collaborative partnerships, and robust funding, we generate relevant evidence and translate it into informed policies and direct community initiatives.

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