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Fondation de France supports water hyacinth processing

4 August 2015
Systèmes alimentaires

With support from the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), ACED began in 2012 an initiative to process water hyacinth into compost in order to reduce the influence of this invasive plant on Lake Nokoué. This initiative has allowed the reduction of about 2,000 tonnes of water hyacinth and production of compost that is used by local farmers.

This initiative has just received additional funding from the Fondation de France and CFSI, which will support up to 2017 a new component. This component aims to improve vegetable production to supply cities capitalizing on the production techniques and use of compost from water hyacinth.

It will improve the productivity of the collection of water hyacinth, increase the quantity of compost produced, improve the quantity/quality of vegetables and finally increase the income of women gardeners.