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Campaign to fundraise 14,000$US to improve the income of 50 women

12 September 2019

Across the world and particularly in Africa, women are marginalized. They are considered inferior to men and are therefore more vulnerable. They are even more vulnerable when they are poor.

In Benin, precisely in in the municipality of So-ava, socio-economic activities are dominated by men. Women are mainly found in the sale and processing of fish, small commerce, etc. In addition, at the political level, women are very poorly represented; which weakens their participation to decision-making processes and access to resources. This weak power is also aggravated by the power relations within households which, increases their vulnerability to poverty.

To solve the above problem, we are implementing a new initiative that specifically aims to improve the income of 50 rural poor women who undergo high pressure within households by capacitating them in basketry from water hyacinth; one of the most invasive species worldwide. To achieve this objective, the project will provide trainings and equipment to these women and support them in trading their products. As a result, the project expects a substantial improvement of women income and henceforth, an improvement of their lives.

This project co-develops a local solution with the full participation of the women to ensure easy ownership and sustainability of the outcome.

The solution is based on the economic valuation of water hyacinth that is invading the waters of the municipality, hindering the development of socioeconomic activities of the region. The project, therefore, builds the capacities of target women in basketry and sale and equip them to increase their production and incomes.

In the long term, the project will increase the income of 50 poor rural women and empower them to rise out of poverty and vulnerability. Ultimately, these benefits will improve the well-being of at least 250 grassroots people.