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Capacity imperatives to improve the vegetables seeds regulatory system in Benin

2023 By: Donald Houessou, Boudy Van Schagen
Food systems

The regulatory system for vegetable seeds in Benin has capacity deficits and is experiencing a growing demand for vegetables that is not well met due to low vegetable production. A key constraint in this situation is the low penetration of improved/certified seeds among vegetable farmers due, among other things, to institutional, technical, human, material, and financial capacities in the vegetable seed regulatory system. With a transdisciplinary approach, this assessment aimed to identify these deficits among key public actors in the system and to formulate a roadmap that proposes capacity imperatives for improving the system.

This policy brief summarizes the findings from the Paper ‘évaluation des impératifs de capacités pour améliorer le système de réglementation des semences maraichères au Bénin’.